Alberta, Canada Gets It Right

This information has been censored on just about every social media site and is damned near impossible to research on any US based search engine. That’s why I’m thankful to have found It doesn’t censor, track/save your searches and it gives global results.

Did you know that Alberta, Canada was the site of a major revelation of ‘no proof of covid’ virus agenda?

Thanks to the perseverance, dedication and boldness of Patrick King, Alberta courts declared covid was nothing more than the flu.

Just so you know, Patrick didn’t ‘win’ per se. He still had to pay his fine, but he did manage to get the head of the health department to admit (3x), they had no proof the cv exists.

The above information is why I preach, “DO YOUR HOMEWORK” or regret you didn’t.

Sending blessings, perseverance, strength, hope and unconditional love to all.

Natural Nana

Published by Natural Nana

Vaccine injury & stage 3 COPD survivor - thanks to use of real food as medicine.

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