The Greatest Present You Could Give Yourself, Is the Gift of Unlearning

I wrote this July 2013. Since that time, I have given myself permission to ‘unlearn’ everything that had been indoctrinated, brainwashed and driven into my thoughts. 
After doing so, realization set in – I’ve been lied to my whole life because there is NO box. ‘The box’ is merely a convenient way for society, religion, government, family and modern medicine, to restrain, conform and contain the inquisitive energy within you.

Be a rebel – use your brain for something other than a divider for your ears.

The Greatest Present You Could Give Yourself, Is the Gift of Unlearning

From birth, we are raised/trained to think ‘in the box’. 

The foundation, base of this box, is family.

We are raised by parents who often practiced and relied on the same ideals, religious beliefs and structured principles which they were raised. When we become adults and start our own families, we love and nurture our children, teach them about life, praise their achievements and enforce consequences for bad decisions. We tend to raise our children as we were raised, which often continues with their children.

One wall represents education. 
We go to school where we are taught to read, resolve mathematical problems, study science and learn socially acceptable behavior. We are taught that there are rewards for excellence and punishments for non-conformity and inadequate performance. We are taught historical facts from books containing glorified and/or fictitious events. We are forced to copy, memorize and repeat this information or risk failing. We cannot disagree without being labeled as a troublemaker, so we conform. We cannot graduate and receive a diploma without passing tests to prove we have this knowledge.

One wall represents community.
We live in a society that sets specific ideals, laws and standards for acceptance. We are ‘equally’ expected to follow all laws and conduct ourselves as contributing members of that community, yet equality does not exist for every member of that community. If we disagree or fail to conform, there is punishment. We live in a society where two identical crimes, committed by two different races, often receive two different punishments, or in some cases, no punishment at all. We will complain to each other, yet do little or nothing to change it.

One wall represents work. 
We are taught that in order to acquire material things, we must earn it. Each employer has specific hiring criteria, specific employee training requirements and a Policy and Procedure manual which defines rules, regulations, expectations, job descriptions, incentives and disciplinary measures. Many employers require a minimum of a high school diploma, but higher paying jobs require a college degree. If we are productive, conformist employees, we are rewarded with a paycheck. If we are not, we risk being the most educated checker at the grocery store.

One wall represents religion. 
We are raised to follow the beliefs of our parents and attend church regularly. Each religion has a book (or books) which is used to guide, teach and serve as a reference for it’s followers. Most of these books are full of condemnation and/or risk misinterpretation by the designated leader. Unfortunately, many of the rules in these books have been misused, taken out of context and/or have been used for the personal gain of a few. Yet, many people continue to follow out of fear of rejection, fear of being deemed ‘crazy’, or maybe have simply fallen into complacency and accepted it. If we are active members and support our religion teachings without question, we are welcomed. If we disagree, we risk ridicule or becoming pariahs.

The lid of the box represents choice. 
YOU are the only one who decides to live inside this box. By blindly accepting the limitations set by family, religion, education, community and employers, you risk missing out on some of the greatest experiences in life. If you are comfortable with status quo, by all means, stay inside your comfortable box and keep the lid on tight. 
However, if you have ever felt or suspected there could be more out there than just the limited contents, I highly recommend that you rip the lid off, jump out and start thinking outside the box.

Prepare to be amazed at the things you’ve been missing.

*steps off soap box*

Blessings, strength, courage, positive energy, healing, perseverance and unconditional love sent to all who may want or need it.

~ Natural Nana


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Vaccine injury & stage 3 COPD survivor - thanks to use of real food as medicine.

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